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Sorry, but I know several former soldiers who were there from the beginning, and they were against it, as it was drawing from the war that we really were supposed to be fighting.Also, Mr. Saddam was doing all those horrible things to his people with our government`s blessing up until he crossed the line and went into Kuwait. In the end, all we did was cause chaos and aid in the recruitment of Jihadis. 2014-12-11 14:00 GMT-02:00 Disqus <>:

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Must deflect...Must protect Bush and Cheney...Must deflect...Must protect Bush and Cheney...Must deflect...must protect Bush and Cheney...Must deflect...2014-12-10 12:09 GMT-02:00 Disqus <>:

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Where? They are people who have been heard from their teachers that west hated Russia and wanted make all for demolition for a long time since first Russian came from forest.06 дек. 2014 г. 10:31 пользователь "Disqus" <> написал:

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No. Not all but two, since there are eight who did not respond.  So it would be all but 10! Again, biasing of the facts! From: Disqus <>To: shallquist@yahoo.comSent: Friday, November 28, 2014 9:51 AMSubject: Re: New comment posted on 5 Key Inconsistencies in What Happened During The Michael Brown Shooting #yiv4663928537 #yiv4663928537 a:hover, #yiv4663928537 a:hover span {color:#1188d2!important;}#yiv4663928537 .yiv4663928537button-cta:hover {color:#ffffff!important;background-color:#1188d2!important;}#yiv4663928537 .yiv4663928537button-cta:hover span {color:#ffffff!important;}#yiv4663928537 #yiv4663928537 #yiv4663928537 #yiv4663928537outlook a {padding:0;}#yiv4663928537 body {width:100% !important;}#yiv4663928537 .yiv4663928537ReadMsgBody {width:100%;}#yiv4663928537 .yiv4663928537ExternalClass {width:100%;display:block;}#yiv4663928537 _filtered #yiv4663928537 {}#yiv4663928537 .yiv4663928537content {width:100%;}#yiv4663928537 table {border-collapse:collapse;}#yiv4663928537 h2.yiv4663928537headline {font-weight:700;font-size:20px!important;margin-bottom:5px;}#yiv4663928537 .yiv4663928537button-cta {display:block!important;padding:0!important;}#yiv4663928537 div.yiv4663928537header {padding-top:20px;}#yiv4663928537 div.yiv4663928537footer {padding-bottom:20px;}#yiv4663928537 #yiv4663928537 #yiv4663928537 p.yiv4663928537mod-tools a:hover {color:white!important;background:#8c989f!important;}#yiv4663928537 _filtered #yiv4663928537 {}#yiv4663928537 td.yiv4663928537avatar img, #yiv4663928537 td.yiv4663928537spacer img {width:28px!important;}#yiv4663928537 | || |  Settings | ||   || || ||A new comment was posted on Mother Jones|| ||| |undsoweiterLet's just say that all but two. Clearly, the witnesses agree that Michael Brown had his hands up, when Darren Wilson fired the fatal shot.9:51 a.m., Friday Nov. 28 |   |||   | Reply to undsoweiter |   |||   ||| undsoweiter’s comment is in reply to me: ||   || | So this article is based on one witness and when the reporter does state statistics shown in the article he states it incorrectly. His article ...Read more | || || || || You're receiving this message because you're signed up to receive notifications about replies to disqus_bk869Ss9hz. You can unsubscribe from emails about replies to disqus_bk869Ss9hz by replying to this email with "unsubscribe" or reduce the rate with which these emails are sent by adjusting your notification settings. | | || |

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