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paul fleiss

Just now

Okay so now you are trying to make a valid point while drunk, already confusing several pieces of anatomy and hitting a home run with information I already provided then saying "Slam dunk"when you just proved the point I was trying to make. Everyone has to take the same test. The schooling does nothing more than prepare you to pass the exam. The education you get comes much later once you are actually in the field. "Blah blah blah your a nurse" You're you mean? Actually you did say foreskin was a clit "I read some where that the foreskin has as many nerve endings as the clitoris. Even if it doesn't but was close it still is a sensitive part" you are comparing the clit to the foreskin right there. That isnt a scientific study, for someone who has gone to college I am surprised you are unaware that this is not a study. It's an opinion by Paul Fleiss off of a website which follows the direct narrative you believe in. You are aware who he is don't you? Here its actually VERY VERY short and will take you 10 seconds to read on who he was. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_M._Fleiss I would give you the small details of it but its no more than a few, very short paragraphs. Also you're not understanding exactly the differences between male and female anatomy. Unless you see testosterone use in a female the clit tends to stay roughly the same size while in mens penises the size of the Glans can greatly vary. The clit is the size of a Pea on a normally hormone balanced woman. How many Pea's do you think make up the size of your Glans? (or the head). I assume the head of your penis is larger than 3 Pea's? Assume you have a micro dick, a reaaaal small micro dick and it is 3 Peas.. Thats 24000 nerve endings according to the math you gave me when compared to the same sensitivity as a clit. I will assume you are a teen regardless of what you tell me but still you probably have the size penis you will for the rest of your life. If you have a normal sized penis you could probably fit around lets say 15 Peas flaccid, I understand you probably have a huge 10 inch penis but say we are dealing with an average size. That would mean for your penis to be equally as sensitive as a clit (according to the math you pulled from Dr. Quack.) that means you would have 120,000 nerve endings on the head of your penis. So I fail to see your point. You are discussing the removal of foreskin not the Glans, compared to female mutilation which is the removal of items for NON medical reasons. While there are still several medical reasons to remove the foreskin and why some doctors still suggest it. You are 16 or very close to it, that part is overly obvious due to your basic lack of knowledge. "Genital mutilation of females involves cutting off the clit... and hood I suppose. I don't know why your so hung up on the hood. Does your boy not know what to do with it? ha ha." ???? who the else would think that joke is even remotely funny unless they are around your age. No one in their 30's says shit like that, hell no one in their 20's says shit like that. I am "hung up" on the hood because you thought removal of the foreskin and the clit were similar on some levels when it snot even close. Removal of the foreskin and KIND OF the hood would be similar but barely. "PS: Hotshots are who you wished you could be. We are your heroes, but no worries we like to work behind the scenes." Yeah, thanks for the cringe. Once again I am not a nurse anymore I already explained what I did and you have fucked that up twice.

air defense systems

Just now

You're right, the A10 is awesome but not really suited to a contested environment. In uncontested environments it will do well, but Apaches, drones, and C130 gunships do an almost equal job for close air support. Getting rid of it will save money for aircraft that can fight modern air defense systems.

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