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It doesn't, but "men and women are just different" is frequently used to justify sexist generalizations. Women are too emotional for X. Women are too delicate for Y. Women can't do math, women can't be scientists, women don't like action movies, etc. etc.

human rights watch

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That doesn't make it ok IN ANY WAY though. We used to keep slaves too. Short version: Catch the fuck up, Islamic countries! We know your religion can be a good one, but your barbaric practices in addition to your extremists make it really hard to respect you! It's like you're in the past and need to catch up. Question: Which countries/societies are uh... "more in the future" than the US? The Nordic countries possibly?


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When it comes to killing people overseas, it's actually cheaper and easier to kill many people than kill one. Imagine how much more difficult it would be to develop and operate a drone that could fly into someones house in the middle of Pakistan and shoot them in the head accurately with a pistol. The US doesn't have money for projects like that.

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